BESQARAGAI 20 Charitable Public Fund


There are many people in Beskaragai district who, for various reasons, are experiencing difficulties. And thanks to the caring people, compatriots, natives, who have been sponsoring in order to provide certain assistance to their fellow countrymen and for the prosperity of their Native Land. Charity and sponsorship, as a rule, have already become a tradition for many of them.
The BESQARAGAI 20 Charitable Public Fund, established last year, has provided financial assistance to a resident of Beskaragai district, who needed in her own housing so much to buy a house. So, a significant event took place in the life of our compatriot, she received the keys to the long-awaited housing due to the BESQARAGAI 20 Public Fund. 
The district sponsors have created all conditions to build a happy life in her own house. 

It’s worth noting that our fellow countrymen, businessmen, natives of Beskaragai district, living in different regions of the country, large entrepreneurs and heads of farms of our district are among the well-known sponsors and patrons of the BESQARAGAI 20 Public Fund. 
Let prosperity, harmony, joy and welfare always be in the new house of our compatriot. 
Having united, our sponsors are doing together good deeds for their Native Land, thereby setting an example for the younger generation. They plan to do a lot of good deeds for their land.

Newsperson of the district newspaper “Bizdin Besgaragai”
Saniya Zhumangalina 

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