Syndarly 30 zhyl - 30 asu / 30 years of creation - 30 achievements


On January, 27 the opening of the literary exhibition-exposition entitled “Syndarly 30 zhyl - 30 asu / 30 years of creation - 30 achievements” was broadcast live in A.Pushkin Library. It is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of our country.
The presentation began with a solemn poetic music. Tanat KASYM, a volunteer and reader of the library, a first-year student of Philology Department of S. Amanzholov EKSU read the poem by Ularbek Nurgalymuly “Tauelsizdik”, Zhiger ensemble performed folk music. 
Exhibition guests appreciated the documentary and literary reliability of the 30-year history of the establishment of our country, reflected in the books. 
Kantarbayev Alibek Kaliuly, a journalist, publicist, akyn, head of East Kazakhstan regional branch of the Writers Union of Kazakhstan, a member of the Journalists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Citizen of Katon-Karagai district, Honorary Citizen of Ust-Kamenogorsk city: “While celebrating the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we must comprehend our achievements and set tasks for the future,” says the Head of State K.-J. Tokayev in his article “Independence is above all.” We all must remember that the success of Kazakhstan is the national success, so that, the initiatives, knowledge, everyday work of every Kazakhstani is the key to our common success and the bright future of all people. 
Gennady Nikolayevich Pussep, a poet, journalist, book publisher, a member of the Journalists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Writers Union of Russia, Chairman of the Council of Social Cohesion of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly of East Kazakhstan region: 
- The newest history of our country marks its 30th anniversary. It’s a very short period of time on a global scale. But how much has been done, how many peaks have been conquered! I believe that the publications presented at the book exhibition fully reflect the significant events and achievements of independent Kazakhstan. 
Through books, the exhibition tells about the first decisive steps of a young independent state, how our country managed to firmly stand on its feet and establish a social community - the People of Kazakhstan, how, thanks to a peaceful foreign policy, Kazakhstan has turned into an authoritative initiative player in the global arena. Moreover, there are books that reveal the outcome of the state program “Madeni Mura” / “Cultural Heritage”, including researches following the results of archaeological excavations in our region. 
The exhibition also features factual and statistical materials that clearly demonstrate the results of breakthrough initiatives of economic modernization and social policy, which ensured the stability and great potential of the state and society. 
The exhibition will be open throughout the year, and we invite everyone to get acquainted with the exhibition, order reviews and electronic delivery of copies of materials of interest for you. A slide presentation, a video from the opening of the exhibition and electronic versions of certain materials are posted on the library website - 

For more detailed information, please, refer to: Valentina Raikhel, tel.: 26-13-33 (119)


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