Abai Alemi book series presented in Semey


Abai library held an online presentation of Abai Alemi book series.
The 2020 book series includes 22 books in Kazakh, Russian and English. The books will acquaint readers both with the Abai’s works, and with the work of his children and followers.
- Abai Alemi book series was published for the third time. In 2020, we are celebrating the 175th anniversary of Abai. This set of books is dedicated to this very anniversary date. Any one of readers can find something interesting and useful for themselves. The books are interesting because they follow the chronology of Abai's works. One of Abai's books, which was first published in 1909, was issued in Arabic script translated into Kazakh. The books also reflect the history of the Abai family, the works of his children and followers, who were inspired by the work of the Great Thinker, - says the Head of Abai Library Development Department Rakhilya Adikayeva.


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