Rukhani Zhangyru Program

Successful implementation of the Program directly depends on the information work to provide the community with the major features of the Program. In this connection, our priority is to attract the necessary resources covering the major features of the article of the Head of state, including Tugan zher program. In addition to coverage of the basic projects, it is relevant to disseminate the key theses and messages for more productive involving the community. This will also require the involvement of mass-media to information support of Tugan zher program, including with mass coverage of projects of the program.

The objective of the subprogram:

Impact on the civil society with the purpose of building a new consciousness and a model of thinking adapted to constantly changing conditions of the modern world using special technologies of impact on the general public.  

Keeping the public informed on the progress of implementation of the Program, giving and receiving feedback through media-resources.

Target indicators:

- The degree of awareness and participation of the population in the program;

- Ratings of tele-and radio-programs;

- Ratings of documentary/feature films;

- The number of visits of specialized web-sites and Internet-resources;

Ways of measurement of target indicators: measurement of the above-stated indicators and their parameters is planned to perform by means of holding sociological interrogations on the Internet-resources, rating of television programs, monitoring of public opinion and information space.

Basic directions/mechanisms of coverage:

1. Republican and regional tele-radio channels;

2. Printed mass-media;

3. Internet-resources and social networks

1.  On republican and regional TV channels.

1)  On Khabar TV Channel – production of the program entitled “Tugan zher” where popular Kazakhstan art workers and politicians will share their stories and ideas about a “small native land”;

2)  On Kazakh TV Channel – production of the program entitled “Kosh keldiniz” in three languages (Russian, Kazakh, English) about sacred sites of Kazakhstan, customs and traditions of Kazakhstan families in all regions of the country;

3)  Presentation of a new series entitled “Tugan zher” on Kazakhstan TV Channel by the known script writer, producer A.Uvalzhanov. The teleproject will be based on the plotline telling about the life of the Kazakh, Russian and Korean families-neighbours in one aul. Through mutual relations of heroes, the series reveals the theme - the love of the Native land, of the native village, human devotion to the native land. It is planned to broadcast the series in November this year.

4)  Launch of a 14-part documentary series about the project “Tugan zher”;

5)  Launch of the special project “Kazakhstan dep sogady zhuregim!” on a republican TV Channel about the compatriots living abroad and missing Kazakhstan. Citizens who wish to return to Kazakhstan, but cannot for whatever reasons.

6)  Organization of scientifically-cognitive press-tours in sacred sites of Kazakhstan with participation of mass-media;

7)  Launch of an entertaining-cognitive radio program that aims to discuss with radio listeners the basic ideas of Tugan zher program.

2.  In printed mass-media.

1)  In republican newspapers, publishing new headings “Tugan zher”, “Kazakhstan koryktary”, “Atazhurt: anyzga ainalgan ataular”, “Kone tarikhtyn kombesi” about the geography of sacred places of Kazakhstan;

2)  Headings “Tugan zherin tuletkender”, “Letter from the native land”, “Altyn tamyr” “Ulttyk zhad”, “The Code of the Nation” covering the projects, initiated by citizens for support of a small native land;

3)  Heading “Mail box: letters from the Native land” will consist of lyrical notes of known people: what role a small native land had played in their personal and professional growth that makes them, citizens of big cities come back there again and again. Interesting stories with black-and-white pictures from the childhood. As the love of a small native land develops into love of a big native land;

4)  Heading “Sounds of the big Country”, about national musical instruments - features of their manufacturing in different regions, differences in ways of performing and sounding of instruments (Representatives of more than hundreds of ethnic groups live in the country - to tell about their musical instruments and traditions. About popularization of national instruments at the global level - many our musicians play dombra or kobyz playing world smash hits abroad, thereby arousing great interest to our culture as a whole).

3. On Internet-resources and social networks.

1) Organization of online-contests, essay and drawing competitions, dedicated to the native land with giving prizes and gifts to children and schoolchildren;

2) Organization of interview with participation of well-known people in support of Tugan zher program;

3) Opening special headings to cover the implementation of Tugan zher program;

4) Creation and promotion of viral videos, vines, flash-games;

5)  Creation and promotion of network communities on social networks Facebook,;

6)  Establishing top rankings “TOP-25 most famous and visited historical monuments”;

7)  Informing citizens through mass-media and social networks about biographies of famous persons, in honour of whom streets of cities and settlements are named;

8)  Duplication of all news, video-photographic materials, reports and programs on the uniform Internet-portal and in social networks;

Holding of some key events is planned within the framework of implementation of Basic projects:

1)  Media coverage of sessions of the working group concerning implementation of Tugan zher program;

2)  Organization of briefings, press conferences on the platform of “Central communications service” on explanation of substantive provisions and the progress of implementation of the program and its special projects;

3)  Publication of interview and comments of members of the working group of Tugan zher program in mass-media.

4)  Development of new technologies of the impact on general public;

5)  Establishing the information centre of journalists, editors, sociologists, and also other experts with the purpose of correction of the direction of media coverage of substantive provisions of the Program.

6)  Functional responsibilities of the centre will also include the carrying out of various researches with the purpose of studying and use of modern technologies of the impact on general public.

The state agencies coauthors and NGOs: Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Key messages for promotion:

1) Love of Homeland is the first advantage of a civilized person.

2) Native land is the basis of all our undertakings.

3) Love of Homeland begins with love of Native land.

4) Tribute and respect for people’s culture and traditions is a key to success of the nation.

5) Knowledge of history and tradition of your own people is a basic feature of true patriotism.

6) Cultural and Geographical Belt of Kazakhstan’s Holy Sites is one of elements in the framework of the national identity.

7) A special attitude to the native land, its culture, customs and traditions is the basis of the cultural and genetic code of the nation.

8) Egilmegen zher zhetim, Elinen aiyrylgan er zhetim.

9) Achievement of favorable living standards is possible through adaptation to changing conditions of the modern world.

Scale and the most interesting projects are to be covered in the republican mass-media.

Local mass-media are offered to cover projects of a regional level

Financial resources:

The need of the Subprogram for financial resources will be defined according to results of identification of implemented and analysis of initiated projects.

Expert support:

1) Organization of public awareness efforts on the basic purposes and objectives of the program by carrying out of informal meetings with leaders of public opinion, experts and bloggers, with members of “Editors-In-Chief Club” LES.

2) Publication of the information with famous experts in the area of changing the public consciousness, psychology and experts of social sciences, experts on work with general public, including crowdsourcing. Development and application of the new technologies to promote the basic ideas of the article and to attain the expected result.

Strategy of communications:

In addition to implementation of the above stated programs, it is planned to provide the information support of all basic projects, the activity of the state agencies which are responsible for implementation of projects.

The responsibility for developing and filling the content, the general concept of promotion of projects, drawing up the media-plan is assigned to the authorized state agencies and Subprograms Management Groups.