Let's know one another better! Via books! VI International Readers’ Forum for Children and Adults


On December 24, the VI International Readers’ Forum for Children and Adults “Let's know one another better! Via books!” completed its work. The forum was organized as part of the long-term project “Russia-Kazakhstan. Open reading. Without Borders”. 
International project “Russia-Kazakhstan. Open reading. Without Borders” was launched in 2014. Much important work has been done for six years. The International Center for Children's Books has been opened in Shemonaikha district, which readers every year are looking forward to reading new books from children's writers and publishing houses of Russia.  

 Bibigul Shagiyeva, Director of A.S. Pushkin East Kazakhstan Regional Library: 
- The project “Russia-Kazakhstan. Open reading. Without Borders” opens up new opportunities for the development of modern library practices, support for interconnections and integration of new generations of Kazakhstan and Russian readers, children and adults into the national and world information and book environment. 
Nurgul Kudaibergenova, Head of the Children's Reading Center of East Kazakhstan region of Pushkin Library:
- Such meetings: for children - with writers and illustrators, for adults - professional dialogues about children's reading and children's literature - help actualize the role of reading in the lives of children and adolescents, develop the skills of thoughtful reader choice and the need to read good books. 
Lyudmila Stepanova, a coordinator of the project “Russia-Kazakhstan. Open reading. Without Borders”, LRCL (Russia, St. Petersburg): 
- Children's culture, children's reading, children's literature - an endless story for all times and peoples. It was wonderful to get to know talkers, familiarize with their ideas, create special events, fly with pleasure freely and high. Thank you all!