In Semey, patrons helped a large family get own house


As part of the Halyqtan halyqqa project, patrons presented the large family Mamadiyarovs a new house.
Before that, this family with five minor children rented a summer house in the suburb of the city. The family was not on the waiting list for housing because they did not have the opportunity to confirm their annual income. And then the patrons came to the family’s help. For a month, patrons managed to collect KZT8 million to buy a house with a courtyard.
Our goal is to help those in need find their own homes before the winter comes. There are a lot of such families for today. Someone still lives in summer houses that cannot withstand winter frosts. First of all, we try to help those who really need help. We fully study the financial capabilities of each family. Today we handed over the keys to a new house to the Mamadiyarovs, we will buy another house for another family in 2-3 days. Since the project has been working not so long ago, there is distrust from the side of people, but I want to say that we have all the necessary documents. We work in an office, anyone can come to us and provide their assistance. For those who want to help directly, we give the numbers of those in need, - says the project manager Dauren Kulchegishev.