East Kazakhstan region thanked entrepreneurs - winners of Zhomart Zhurek competition


In the regional akimat, the head of the region Danial Akhmetov presented diplomas to the winners of the regional phase of Zhomart Zhurek competition. Patrons, representatives of business structures, organizations, enterprises and volunteers participated in the project.

Let’s remind that the competition is aimed at instilling a sense of patriotism among Kazakhstan people, to be expressed in love for their small homeland, native land and a sense of responsibility towards future generations. Every year, East Kazakhstan people actively participate in this event. In 2019, 56 candidates- winners of city and district phases, applied in 5 nominations. A special commission selected the most worthy ones. Those people who do kind deeds were in the hall on the day of the award ceremony. Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov congratulated compatriots.

- The name of Zhomart Zhurek competition accurately conveys your most important quality - these are your generous hearts. You do not remain indifferent when you see those who need your help and support. One of the important directions of the Elbasy's program Rukhani Zhangyru is the support of entrepreneurs who take part in the development of their small homeland. Patriotism begins with a love of their land, aul. We have many such compatriots. I am sure that every year the number of participants and the number of projects will only grow”, said the head of the region.

Thus, Director General of Kazzinc LLP Alexander Khmelev was awarded in the nomination “Patron of the Year”. The company annually helps families occurred in difficult life situations, parents with many children, seriously ill children and single pensioners, children left without parental care. For the second year, the company has been supporting the activities of Children Adaptation Centers in Ridder and Altai towns. On the Eve of the New Year, over 3,000 children in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ridder, Altai and Serebryansk received sweet gifts. In 2019, Kazzinc LLP allocated more than KZT30 million to help children.

 The Patron of the Year is also Kuanysh Suleimenov, Director General of Shalabay LLP of Zharma district. Thanks to the entrepreneur, a gym was opened for residents of the district, the outpatient clinic of Shalabay settlement was provided with an apparatus for eye pressure measuring, and also N.K. Krupskaya Secondary School got musical equipment. The entrepreneur directed KZT5 million to improve Shalabay rural district, and also provided sponsorship to 4 schools of the district in the amount of KZT800,000. Kuanysh Suleimenov assisted in the training of 4 young veterinary specialists in the USA, Argentina and Japan. In addition, he helps parents with many children and low-income families, gifted children, and people with disabilities.

The head of Omarov IE of Ujar district Serikbol Omarov won in the nomination “Tugan olke”. The entrepreneur has been engaged in charity work since 2016. During this time, he allocated KZT5.5 million for the overhaul and improvement of the feldsher-midwife station building, helped build a children's park, the Zhanay stadium.

The head of Lina farm Yuriy Kovyazin won in the same nomination. He assisted in the reconstruction of the School Park. In 2018, the work carried out there cost KZT3.5 million, in 2019 a playground worth KZT3 million was purchased and installed. He helped 50 needy compatriots. Constantly sponsors social events. 

The head of Akbay farm, the mother of many children, Saulesh Abylkozhina from Zaisan district, won in the category “Zhyl Tulgasy”. She annually provides social assistance to compatriots. This year, she helped two families get housing, 17 families get 17 heads of cattle. As part of the Menin Mektebim campaign, Saulesh Abylkozhina granted some funds to equip a robotics office in a rural school, and also provided sponsorship for the construction of the Baimurat Batyr Monument. Every year she financially helps large families of shepherds working in the farm, provides various types of assistance to low-income rural families.

Director of Plus LLP of Altai district Sergey Smirnov was awarded in the same nomination, he constantly provides assistance to needy residents of the district, low-income students of town schools. The entrepreneur transferred KZT2 million within the framework of the campaign "Menin Mektebim". He provides 200 students from large and low-income families of Altai town with free hot meals.

SemAZ LLP, Director Asemkan Duskuzhanov was awarded in the nomination "Zhyldyn uzdik uiymy". The company provides sponsorship, allocated KZT27 million for sports tournaments and competitions. Every year, within the framework of the “Road to School” campaign, it allocates funds to purchase school supplies and clothing for children with disabilities from large families.

Also, the Bakyrchik Mining Enterprise LLP was awarded in this nomination, Director General is Kenbeil Isayev. The company annually provides assistance for the improvement of Zharma region. This year, the company provided 3 grants for training at a higher educational institution of school graduates of Zharma district, allocated funds to purchase an ambulance for a medical outpatient clinic of Auezov settlement, replaced windows at Bakyrchik secondary school in Auezov settlement, as well as provided sponsorship assistance to modernize the boiler house. In addition, the Bakyrchik mining company allocates funds for the maintenance of roads in Auezov settlement, organization of public events and public holidays, maintenance of the central park and hockey rink.

The Executive Director of Family Center Lyudmila Astashkina was awarded in the nomination "Eren Erіktіlіgi". Thanks to this Foundation hundreds of children from large low-income families of Semey city received assistance. Including within the framework of the “Road to School” charity event, where city enterprises, patrons, and others provided assistance to 135 children in the amount of KZT1.4 million. As part of the New Year campaign, the Foundation employees congratulated 400 children from large low-income families. The Foundation constantly provides financial and moral support to families occurred in difficult situations.

Also, the Head of the Group “Erzhar Belsendіlerі” at the Youth Resource Center of Urjar district Altynay Kurmanova was awarded in this nomination. Activists support people in difficult situations. As part of the “Do Kind Deeds” campaign, assistance was provided to five large low-income families. A charity concert was organized to raise funds for the treatment of Yerkebulan Kaskabayev with chronic renal failure. 300 people participated in it. A charity event was organized for children at M.Khasenov boarding school in Beresterek settlement covering 60 people.

Due to the funds raised by the club, the school cafeteria was overhauled and new production equipment was purchased. 






It is important to note that during three years, the participants of the Zhomart Zhurek campaign implemented 956 projects: in the nomination Patron of the Year - 259 projects, Tugan Olke - 111 projects, Zhyl Tulgasy - 90 projects, Zhyldyn Uzdyk Uiymy - 194 projects, Eren Erіktіlіk - 302 events. Assistance was provided in addressing the social issues of cities and settlements, supporting our talented and athletic youth, large and low-income families, people with disabilities and single people who need help.

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