Altai Bazaar Regional Festival-Competition of Artisans


K.Kaysenov Park hosted the third festival-contest of artisans of East Kazakhstan region “Altai Bazaar”. The event was organized by Tourist Information Center of Tourism and External Relations Administration of East Kazakhstan region and East Kazakhstan Regional Architectural, Ethnographic and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve. In total, more than 40 artisans from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Ridder cities, Ulan, Gluboky, Kokpekty, Beskaragai districts took part in the festival-competition. Along with the pieces of the masters during the festival, the guests were shown master classes in such types of folk crafts as weaving of the chiy, weaving of cattail, wood carving, felting, making dolls of fabric and making leather bracelets. The winners were awarded according to the results of the competition in the following six nominations: “Grand Prix for the best product reflecting East Kazakhstan region”, “Master of traditional craft”, “High-class workmanship”, “Innovation in design”, “Young master 2019” (18- 36 years), "For contribution to craft development in East Kazakhstan region”.

As usual, a concert program was organized for the guests of the event on the central location of the park with the participation of creative groups and performers of Ust-Kamenogorsk city and Ulan district.
In total, the festival contest was attended by more than 2,000 people.


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